Takayo Noda

One of Takayo Noda’s works, an etching/collage titled “The View”, received the Elizabeth Morse Genius first place award in "Sea and Sky" in a juried exhibition of The National Association of Women Artists at Beamesderfer 3 gallery in NJ,  September 13 - November 13, 2018.

The View, July 2014, 8x 16 inches.jpg

Eric Goldberg Barnes Residency

I am a fortunate man. I too have a postal carrier who possesses the attributes that Van Gogh expressed in his portrait of Joseph Roulin. Barbara Jean Griffin has been delivering my mail since I moved to my present address in 2012. Her open, friendly disposition was apparent from our first meeting. In the years I have known her, she has proven to be a person of genuine warmth, intelligence, integrity and wisdom. It was an honor to have her sit for me.

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84th Members Print Exhibition Awards

Dennis Revitsky ,  Tattoord Artist , 20x16”

Dennis Revitsky, Tattoord Artist, 20x16”

Joan Chiverton ,  Blue Notes,  14x9”

Joan Chiverton, Blue Notes, 14x9”

SAGA'S 84th Members Print Exhibition opened on September 6th at Syracuse University Art Galleries, Syracuse, NY. The opening was well attended by print lovers and students from the university. There were sixty-seven framed prints on view and they were displayed beautifully. Congratulations to all!

Speedball Art Products Material Veronique Coutant-Godard

Materials Purchase Award $500 in Woodblock Linoleum


Speedball Art Products  Joan Chiverton

Materials Purchase Award $500 in Silkscreen


Speedball Art Products Materials Alan Petrulis

Purchase Award $500 in Intaglio


Kathy Caraccio  Mary Teichman

Purchase Award in Color Intaglio $300


Blick Art Materials DeAnn Prosia

Purchase Award $500 


Artist & Craftsman Supply Materials Michael Di Cerbo

Award $200 in Intaglio


Artist & Craftsman Supply Materials Naomi Bossom

Award $200 in Woodblock, Linoleum


Murray Roth Memorial Award in Printmaking Jayne Reid Jackson

 Award $200


Robert Conover Memorial Mark D. Sisson

 Award $200



Arun Bose Memorial Award in Intaglio Printmaking Steve Walker

Award $200


In Memory of Gertrude Pferdt a beloved Teacher Dennis Rivitsky

Award $200


In Memory of Ruth Leaf Ellen Nathan Singer

Award $100


EC Lyons Materials Joe Essig

Award $100


Renaissance Graphic Arts Materials Kathleen E. Gallagher

Award $100